Conspiracy Theory Fiction

by author Craig A. McDonough

Horror, Sci-Fi, Thrillers… all with a touch of Conspiracy in fictional settings. It’s a wild ride, so hop in, tighten your seat-belt and hold on!

Latest News

Welcome to the new website, I hope you like it. Just an update for you on works in progress. I’m writing new short stories everyday for the new blog called  “The Word” – this should be a lot of fun and remember, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to read these: They’re FREE! I’m working on 2 new stories for the Crisis series as well. One see’s the setting move to England as the diabolical forces need to consolidate their evil gains after recent losses and the other takes a looks from the viewpoint of Natasha (the female assassin from “State of Emergency”) and her story leading up to SoE.  When I find time I’m giving the Pestilence series a rewrite, too. The essence will be the there but in a much improved version. There are several other little projects going on but more about them in the future as I get more work on them. Keep checking back for the latest news and of course new stories in “The Word” and remember… it’s only fiction!

Latest Release

The Gloves are Off

Dead Man’s War


The latest entry in the Crisis Management series, “Dead Man’s War” follows the team’s exploits after the distarous loss of Tommy in Italy.

Dirty work in enemy territory and with a ruthlessness that leaves former Delta colonel, Stokes believing he has a greater connection to Illich Sanchez, “Carlos the Jackal” than to the Delta Force he once took such pride in. That was before he knew the truth, now…he’s just not sure any more.

Conspiracy Fiction author, Craig A. McDonough

Thrillers with a good smattering of conspiracy, horror and suspense is what you can expect from this Australian born author who now resides in Central USA with his wife, artist Rhue. Toward the Brink (5 volumes plus a novella and a prequel) Crisis (5 volumes) and Incident at Roswell (4 volumes and a prequel) are currently available in box sets on Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple iBooks. Pestilence is currently unavailable as its undergoing a much needed overhaul. 

The stories I tell are fiction but like many fictional works, they’re drawn from real events, past and present. However, I write them to entertain and enjoy first and foremost and if the stories get you asking  questions, great… feel free to drop me a line.
Nothing beats a good thrill or a chill, with a touch of controversy. I look forward to bringing you many more stories of this nature in the future.

… and don’t forget to check on my blog (the Word) for free stories.

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